If you are in the process of developing or launching your product in a new market, Maximus offer a number of advisory services to help clients with every aspect of the end-to-end service delivery and product launch cycle.

Corporate Set Up
We assist our clients expand their coverage in the MENA, Asia & Sub-Continent regions by providing the correct and most suitable regulatory and cost-efficient business set-up options. We provide access to the local market through a representation setup that minimizes costs and focuses their investment on future success.

Local market experience
Our network is vast, and our collective experience is significant.  Built over many years, across diverse industries, and multiple disciplines, our expertise can be applied to make a meaningful and sustainable impact on organizations, helping organizations achieve their goals faster.

We can represent our clients in the form of introducing your company to our very strong local customer / supplier network, while providing full operational management and coordination of strategic customer introductions, presentations, meetings and logistics.

Sales support
Maximus are able manage all local sales on our clients’ behalf.  Maximus understands that in order to create growth and success, it is imperative that the Company have a marketing and sales structure that can generate demand and identify prospects immediately.  Our staff can help a Company develop and execute a marketing and sales plan entry plan, which addresses key factors such as product, place, price, and promotion, while adequately considering market conditions and changes.

Feasibility Advisory
Maximus has successfully launched a number of projects. We have the experience and insight to know what works in the marketplace and we remain continuously updated on trends and analysis in our fast changing business environment. Maximus will give you a realistic and honest evaluation around your product and options.  We will also develop complete business cases to help you understand the time and capital requirements to successfully launch your product.

Market Analysis
Maximus provides comprehensive feasibility reports that address all aspects of launching a successful product. Our report will also become the foundation of your product commercialization strategies.

Product Development & Supplier Selection
Maximus can help you develop appealing products. We have launched many products over the years and have gained an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the product development cycle. There are numerous aspects to consider when selecting a vendor and it can become a frustrating and time consuming process. Maximus works with a variety of reliable and credible vendors and sourcing agents both regionally and internationally. We handle all aspects of dealing with vendors from negotiating terms and conditions of the commercial contract to production.

Marketing and product launch plans
The region is becoming an increasingly important and significant one for many international companies.  Traditional marketing plans, however, even if successful elsewhere in the world, will not necessarily work in the Middle East.  Maximus has the experience to create and execute effective and successful marketing and product launch plans that take into consideration the target market and local sensitivities.  We work with the most influential media agencies and PR voices to ensure a strong awareness for the product or service launched.

Project Management
Maximus can provide our clients with detailed project plans and help execute them. Coming up with an idea is one thing but the ability to take that idea to the market requires a thorough and detailed project plan that allows you to see all the dependencies and how they relate to each other. We provide you with a comprehensive project plan to successfully take your product to the market.