Organisational success is typically the result of an experienced management team. So when a company loses a CEO, CFO, COO, or controller – even for a few weeks or months – company performance can suffer. Maximus can fill this critical gap in executive leadership by providing expert staff – without a permanent increase in cost or headcount. This provides owners and investors high-level management while longer term decisions and solutions can be made.

Maximus has a pool of seasoned executives who know how to create and manage growth strategies, deliver merger and acquisition support, protect against business disruptions, and provide financial leadership and direction. They can quickly integrate themselves into any organization because they’ve managed the challenges – and the opportunities – many times before. It’s a high-value solution that gives client companies immediate management leadership when they need it most.

Maximus provides expert project management support to clients in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. We help maximize outcomes for a wide range of project work.

Maximus offers the support and expertise needed to manage special projects such as business or plant start-up situations, operational consolidation, manufacturing, quality control, or other unique operating, financial, or manufacturing projects.