Maximus is specialized in global upstream and downstream energy trading and storage management/ development worldwide. Our business model is very inventive and we create flexibilities and advantages towards the end users of energy by also controlling the logistics (refining, storage and transportation) of every upstream and downstream trading activity. We focus on the existing global trade markets in general and up & coming trading hubs and energy consuming growing markets. The goal of Maximus is more realistic, well thought out, well considered and decided, than highly ambitious and risky. Our business partners can rely on transparency, trustworthy, reliable and safe trading transactions by creating a win – win situation based on solidity, solvability and above all teamwork.

We mediate and consult in the buying and selling of Oil Terminal Real Estate, Refinery Real Estate and Pipeline Infrastructures. We can also provide Taxation/Appraisals of Oil Terminal Real Estate, Refinery Real Estate and Pipeline Infrastructure. Furthermore we are connecting liquid bulk storage terminals with suppliers and vice versa.

Our services include but not limited to:
– Terminal Real Estate tank rental and sublease solutions.
– Development consultancy of new liquid bulk terminal locations.
– Feasibility studies and due diligence assistance.
– Funding and Financing.
– Terminal manuals, Emergency procedures and Safety.
– Marketing and sales as well as operational consultancy.
– Realizing joint ventures.
– Independent inspections of new build liquid bulk terminal sites and refineries.
– Zero measurements for operational liquid bulk terminals.
– Zero demurrage technique and backwardation solutions.

As an independent consultancy firm we ensure that all the information of the above mentioned services is handled by us with the outmost secrecy and confidentiality, due to strategic and competitive reasons of suppliers and terminals.

Selling & Buying – Greenfield Bulk Liquid Storage, Throughput Terminal’s & Refineries
If you are interested in the acquisition of already running Greenfield Bulk Liquid Storage, Throughput Terminal’s and Refineries – Maximus has exclusive access to a number of facilities located around the world for sale.

Likewise, if you are looking to sell your Greenfield Bulk Liquid Storage, Throughput Terminal or Refinery, we have a strong database of potential buyers.

Please contact us for more information.

Maximus is a global trading company in all types of crude oil as well as LNG and bio fuel feedstock. All our upstream transactions are based on a long term relationship in a B2B trading model with all our customers.

Maximus competes efficiently in the downstream trading markets. From our business unit in Dubai we partake in the supply and demand of our customers. In an environment of the need for performance, we guarantee delivery of tailor made quality with the right volume every time. Precision in our trades accompany matching the best price. Whether supplying via the spot market or on a long term, we are more than competitive. We have a global view of the market, and the ability to store and blend and to support customers for the supply of middle distillates. Our commercial team cover the world’s main trading markets, but also trade between regions. Above all, Maximus is a trusted and liable partner. Our business model is based on long-term relationships with our partners. Additionally, we are supplying jet fuel worldwide.

Development and Logistics
Maximus also provide fuel storage development and management solutions, and we have a number of terminal projects under development covering a global market. Of course Maximus locations will be used as a trading hub, but also to be leased to third parties, even on a TTS® basis. For more information regarding storage and TTS® opportunities at Maximus, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Storage – Exclusive brokerage
In several cases we are the brokerage partner exclusively for the storage facility. Especially for those facilities who are expanding their volume in the near future. Our acquisition is based on signing up pre storage contracts in the wide range of petrochemical products. These brokerages are tailor made and specified on the long term capacity wishes of our clients. In other words, we are taking care of the acquisition, using our suppliers portfolio or finding new business partners.

Storage – Zero Measurement
The liquid bulk storage terminal industry has become a growing market and will be growing in the up & coming years. Nevertheless, the competition among terminals has been growing also, despite the fact that the global demand for storage is still bigger than there is storage available. Worldwide, many companies are expanding their capacities and new players on the international market have a surprisingly well chosen marketing and sales structures and a very high standard operational attitude based on high service levels, which are new in this industry, but highly appreciated by the customers. We always say: Every terminal looks the same, but the difference is on the inside! Every company in every industry is falling into so called “company blindness”. Nothing to be a shamed at, it happens. But how to anticipate to reduce this company damaging virus? We have developed a special program for all types of liquid bulk terminal companies in identifying where in the company the “company blindness” occurs. You can see this program as a “zero” measurement of your terminal location(s). A horizontal and vertical inventory of the terminal, its organization, its communication, its reputation and its current position in the market will be presented to you in a confidential report with all kinds of recommendations how to improve your company’s strategic position or maintain and upgrade the advantages your organization has towards your competitors. We have proven that terminals have increased their profits as well as generating new types of income after our “zero” measurement. As an independent storage brokerage, connecting terminals with suppliers and vice versa we stay confidential, discrete and reliable at any time. All the information of the inventory, report and recommendations will be handled by us with the outmost secrecy and confidentiality.

Storage – Real Estate
Maximus is your partner in selling or buying oil and petrochemical storage terminals Worldwide. Our discrete and confidential working methods are proven to be a golden standard. Selling or Buying terminals is a matter of trust and need to be done in a good and tailor made atmosphere. Due to our discrete methods you can determine your strategy without the world noticing. Maximus can also be your helping hand in realizing joint venture acquisitions of terminal properties . Please do contact to explore the possibilities of expanding your day to day business.

Storage – Board to Board
Today’s market requires vessels as floating storage. As terminals are busy loading / discharging and contango play is at stake, Maximus can be your helping hand in finding suitable Ship to Ship locations. Using our variety of relations we always find a solution. Please do contact us, to discuss your options.

As a trading partner of all the major energy products, we can also fulfil global LNG demand. We are involved in trading the downstream LNG markets. The LNG business is approached by us in a flexible way by trading LNG as a commodity. Wholesale market access to upstream producers and supplying downstream customers such as utilities, industries, governments and investors. We create a tailor made transaction in LNG as well as cross –commodity hedging.

Bio Fuel
Bio fuels is still a growing market, especially as blending components of diesel and gasoline. In the upstream market Maximus is providing a variety of feedstock and in the downstream market bio fuels as well as fuel grade ethanol.

Corporate Responsibility
Maximus undertakes all its activities with the highest regard for the well being of people, places and the environment.

Every energy trading activity of Maximus will be under the execution of the highest international Health, Safety, Security and Environmental (HSSE) standards. Also, all the business and trading partners as well as the staff and employees of Maximus handle projects according to our HSSE standards. We believe that it’s our obligation to work with our next generation in mind, and we will strive to continuously improve our safety and environmental standards, which will be displayed in all our activities.