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The Link is one of the leading companies in Dubai involved in general trading, warehousing, manufacturing and construction; cooperating with a large number of manufacturers and suppliers around the world. With the fast growing market of the Middle-East and the business hub of it being Dubai, The Link from its date of formation in 2003, has established a powerful presence and excellent reputation in the region. Quality, flexibility and professionalism have always been the guidelines of the company.

The Link being one of the leading suppliers of readymade food and food products in the region is engaged in importing, distributing and marketing of high quality food products, grains and commodities. Working closely with our major customers we develop special products and provide private labeling to meet their specifications.

Being linked to the best suppliers and manufacturers of the steel industry, The Link has been awarded with MSC’s registered agent to the Middle-East and has been supplying the local market of UAE with industrial steel for reputed manufacturers. Since the beginning of its operations, The Link has been working with the highest international standards, meeting deadlines and valuable targets which created the backbone of continuous successes.



Marnix Mouwen
We are currently in the process of developing and launching a high-end luxury clothing, shoes and accessories brand named “Marnix Mouwen”. Made with the highest conditioned exotic animal skins and gold/ silver and diamonds, all of our production is done in house. We will initially launch the brand with our strong retail network in Dubai and then expand into other regions. More information coming soon…